Friday, April 25, 2014

Here's My Month....

It's been one of those weeks...months really

I've blinked and the month is pretty much over!

One thing I need to share is a recipe for a Spicy Cilantro Chicken we made the other day.  (we b/c hubs is the grill master) 

Found this in Southern Living last year and saved it.  What took me so long to make this precious precious GEM!!  Recipe HERE

Next time I will make extra green sauce and then split one..make with seeds and another plain like this for the kids.  (it's not spicy at all...has a nice clean flavor with the cilantro and mint)

You grill some Naan bread and then we piled them like massive tacos!   The leftovers were even amazin the next day!  Can't wait to make this again!!!!

SO here is a quick recap of my month through the eyes of Instagram

(the day they actually played together without fighting....ok for 10 mins)

(been making a lot of spaghetti squash.  it's a workout itself just to open these suckers)

(had a tornado blow through ...well was the hail....i ♥ april)

(spring cookies)

(my new car diffuser for my oils)

(what #6 likes to do daily to EVERY drawer)

(teen diffusing peppermint while studying)

(why 3 yr olds DO NOT NEED scissors)

(because some days they feel like poo and you let them sleep on you all day)

(my view at the gym on my 40th birthday...ok my view every morning at 6:45)

(my new birthday new crosses...1 in the middle of the i am....they complete my spring mantle)

(#4 getting her zyto scan)

(my boys napping)

(on our way to gattitown for some playtime.  gotta rub on our thieves first)

(made some thieves wipes!  i'm in love)

(who doesn't love some Baskin Robbins?)

(hubs bought me some tunes for my workout playlist.  bam)

(my twin who thinks we look nothing alike....whatev)

(feeling puney....he actually took over....had to document....#whereismyrealhusband)

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The Herd said...

Can you send me some info on the oils you use...maybe a link with products?

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