Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Month in IG Pics

Mother's Day 2014...come and gone

My children feel the need to be nice to me on this day.  I'll take it.  The big ones watched littles w/o asking and went with me when I had to run errands.

#3 even painted me a picture....

I even was blessed with a silver monogram ring!  ohhhh every southern gal needs monograms and silver right?! 

I even got all 6 to sit for a photo.  Using a self timer with a 3 and 21m old isn't easy.  IN the end ALL did great except #1.  Really you had to blink? haha I'm still happy though.  

Hubs and I can't quit TruFire in Frisco.  I'm addicted to their Falafel.   Like I could go everyday and eat it.

I ordered my first Happy Mommy Box and it should be arriving any day now!  I'm stoked!

Oh Yea!  Hazel and Olive got a store front and it opened this month!  I had to check it out.  It was so charming and SO BUSY.  I barely had time to chat with the star...I mean Taylor!  Can't wait to go back!

Oldest and his gang limo and dinner night out!  Seniors...time is flying by! 

Hey mom...I love your coffee and I love watching you clean it even more! 

Ok this is just the start of the most amazing Fire Roasted Tomato Basil soup recipe.  It's from Cooking Light 2012 and NO I DIDN'T MAKE MINE LIGHT.  This stage is melting the cream cheese.  Then you blend it and add milk and heat through.  It's better than La Madeline
Recipe found here

Had a craving for dark chocolate.  Why not make 4 dz cookies right?  

And the Pièce de résistance.....

Honey Apple Cake with warm Honey Sauce.  It's dessert tonight.  I couldn't quit sniffing the cake as it was cooling.  Southern Living you have never let me down!

I braved the bathing suit shopping and bought this bad boy.  Oh I'm gonna wear it with pride!  Bring it

Because I adore Honest Company stuff and because I got a free bag I had to share this months goods.....
Click this link
to try a bundle package for free....diapers or other products.  We use their diapers for #6 and all their other baby bath/booty/soaps/powders/toothpaste/sunscreen products.  It's hard to find good chemical paraben free things at a good price.  I've found that with them! 

Oldest went suit shopping ...I broke down crying right there in the department!

Soap?  Not only do I love this scent, but I'm in love with the bottle!

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