Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sense Of Humor Needed

I didn't grow up in a big family... just mom and dad and older brother.

Now that I have  my own family and it's a family of 8 not 4 things are well....  a little different than how I grew up

and crazier (for sure)

I will admit I am the one that likes pulling jokes too.  I'm more the "waiting around the corner and jumping out" kind of mom.  I know horrible right?

I love the thrill of crouching and waiting.  The thrill of suppressing my laughter holding my breath for that unsuspecting person.  Waiting for when they are almost upon and springing into action! 

I also love this thing

It's a life size (I assume but he seems rather short in this cutout) of a One Direction boy.  Forgive me if I forget his name...his name isn't the point.  The fact that we can place him in funny places is the point

Today this is where #2 has placed him.  Inside #3's shower.  
We call him Kate's BF.  Boyfriend cracks me up!

It started when she got him for her birthday.  He was standing in the corner of her room and when we would go into her room to get something BOOM.....you catch someone out of the corner of your eye and scares the poo out of you

Which is when the idea was born in my brain


I love it when the kids go to their room and open the door and there is BF

#5 of all ppl got me one day

He moved BF into my bedroom and when I rounded the corner to put laundry away I nearly tossed my cookies

Someone also won't fess up, but got me again ...one day I went into #3's room and glanced at her bed and there was a man in it....BF AGAIN. 

BF catches you so off guard!!

I love hearing the scream and then the laughter and then the "I'll get you"

Seriously...if you don't have a sense of humor you need not apply to our family.  

We like to get you when you least expect it.  If my children don't try to get me then I'm not raising them right!

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Stephanie said...

So funny! When I was little I had a cut out of Macaulay Culkin(Home Alone era) and did the same thing! I think he was banned to the attic eventually.....which may really freak someone out someday!:)

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