Friday, May 30, 2014

Worked For Me and More.....

I see those things on Pinterest and think "Oh man I need to try those"

Well I'm here to say I tried a few and bam they worked....


Domed Cakes.  I hate em.  I hate trying everything to make those suckers not dome.  And end up having to cut the tops off.  Which I may or may not do pefectly

I have seen those cake insulators, but at $12+ a piece I didn't buy any. 
Until I saw the post on how to make some cheap easy ones at home.....

When we put our cake pans in the oven they cook from the outside in, so the middle is the last to finish baking. Like bread and any other baked goods, the batter will continue to rise. As the outer edges cook and harden, the batter stops rising at the edges, but because the middle is still soft, the batter is pushed up through that soft area until the baking hardens the crust of the entire cake, causing doming.

SO go grab yourself some old towels, ruler, and scissors and get to cutting.

My pans were about 1.5" thick so that is what I cut my towel strips to.   I also wrapped it around the pan and overlapped a bit to get length. 
When ready to use just wet the strips and wrap around pan.  I secured mine with safety pins.

Look how perfect the cakes baked.  I did notice they baked faster.  A friend reduces her baking temp.  Either do that or check 5-8 mins before true baking time.


I am a fast cracker.  haha  I crack them eggs fast to get to baking.  I should prob slow down but.......

It never fails I get a shell inside and trying to fish that bad boy out is ANNOYING.  It moves from side to side and you can never catch it.  I saw on Pinterest how someone used a broken piece of shell and boom it zipped it.  Sure it did....????
So next time I got a small piece of shell I tried it 
BAM IT WORKED.  I'm on a roll now!

I tried to recreate it so you could see.  First picture see the shell on the yolk?  Next picture look can see the chip floated right into the shell!  I'm highly impressed and thinking Doh...why didn't I think of that?!

Ok that ends this segment of It Worked For lets do 


Did I mention we were having our foundation worked on?  It's finished.  We were lifted 9" just waiting on concrete ppl to pour a new driveway.  (look you can see under house)  I'm excited to think our foundation is now better than before....Pier and Beam are the bomb!

I did another silly 15 sec oily video to show the noise can't get me down!

It was 3 weeks of seriously the workers were quick quiet (as possible) and cleaned up like they were never there each day at the end of the job.  I baked some coffee cake and cookies for them....nothing like a little sweets while digging holes by hand under a house!  I'm still angry my hubs wouldn't let me go down the tunnels!  He kept asking me how old I was....(sticks tongue out)

I adore Extra Virgin cooking show and just had to get their cookbook.  The pages are gorgeous and reading Debi and Gabriele narrate together made this book.  Sweet couple sharing their love story and love of cooking and Italy! 

HONEST-ly in love with The Honest Company....and I esp love May's bundle.  I got some monthly favorites (healing balm and wash) got to try a few new ones.....the powder and bottom wash.  The bottom wash came in handy since my box arrived and #6 had a blow out!  Think I've found some new favs!
Want to try a Free Trial on the diapers, essentials (below), or vitamins click this link  

Aww the secret of my daily routine....I'm addicted to Luxy Hair (extensions)  I'm realizing how naked and I feel without them and how TRULY thin my hair is w/o them.  I'm using the 160gm (honestly my hair is so thin I could prob have used the 120) in mocha brown.  IT'S A PERFECT MATCH
For $5 off use the code LUXYSUMMER5 at checkout (free shipping on all orders too)

and TODAY WAS THE DAY baby's LAST LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Graduation is next week.  I am not as sad as I should be b/c HE IS STAYING HOME FOR SCHOOL THIS FIRST YEAR.  Bam.  Ask me how I'm doing when he officially leaves!

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