Thursday, June 26, 2014

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The Busy Budgeting Mama posted this recipe awhile back and needless to say it's probably one of our favorites!

The concrete peeps had to pour temporary patches while we are still fixing the driveway/foundation.  #6 ran outside and walked through a patch.  I had to capture his prints b/c they will tear them up soon and I wanted his precious little feet to look back at how little he was once

Shameless Mother and Daughter selfies.  Oh there are tons now that summer is here.....She gets me when I'm not looking half the time.  Smile! 

Thought since I use so much mint and basil right now...why not grow a bucket outside for quick snips.  I have a brown thumb so I'm wondering how long I can keep these babies alive. 

Big sis had some friends over and little sis was finally banned from playing with them.  Little sis wasn't happy and here is the proof!

And the day happened....and I didn't cry until dinner that night.  I would start eating and then  Thanks for making things depressing mom!

Hazel and Olive had this adorable dress and I knew it was for me....Made the perfect Father's Day dress!

Here is what my summer has been like so far....Chick Fil A play dates and swimming at the pool.  Which I finally mastered by myself taking the 3 small ones to the pool w/o the hubs.  3 kids who can't swim (but think they can) makes for a dizzy mom!

We watched the men pour the new driveway.  Gotta love free entertainment for the kids.  I wanted to put my initials in the fresh poured concrete but the hubs wouldn't let me.  He kept asking me how old I was...whatever

Dinner Date with my oldest.  He's leaving for a 10 day trip to Europe soon.....Love him so much!

Kiwi Crate....If you haven't tried a month you are missing out.  We have been getting these monthly boxes since April 2013 and each month has been so fun.  This month one of the crafts we made fake fire with s'mores.    Love their expressions!  The fire even came with a 'flame' that flickers.  $10 off your first box click HERE

Got this sweet gem at Target.  (where else?)  and I totally adore it.  Sucker holds 2 gallons at least.  That's a lotta drinking!  They had them in white, orange, pink , and navy.  I wanted it all the colors, but knew hubs would ask why I needed yet another drink dispenser (I think I only have 3 now)

Because we all know 2 fingers are better than 1

Like the Kiwi Crate we have been getting The Honest Company's Essentials plus the diapers since Cole was born.  I'm highly addicted to the booty wash.  Try a free sample of their products (I think you just pay shipping)  Here  Last month for Mother's Day they gave a free Lipstick for Mom's.  Totally my favorite.  I need to see if they sell it b/c I need it in more colors.  This month they gave Dad's a free Stainless Steel Thermos which I promptly took from him  (oops)  If you want a Thermos on your order....use the Promo Code #HONESTDAD on a bundle before June 30th

 I was taking a video of the kids playing in the rain and caught sweet #5 telling me he loves me.  He does this randomly throughout the day and I'm so glad I finally caught it on tape.  I hope he never quits....Fast forward..he says it in the last few seconds 

Sweet baby fell on the stairs holding a toy and gashed his cheek.  It was literally dripping blood and I how no idea why or where it was coming from.  The more he cried the more he squished his face and more blood dripped.  Grabbed my Geranium and Lavender.....Put a few drops of each in my palm and used my thumb to swipe his cheek.  Took a few tries and then the bleeding stopped and he quit crying.  I'm a lover of my oils...esp trusty Geranium for bleeding.  Convention was this week in Salt Lake and I'm bummed I didn't get to go.  They released amazing new products....a new collection for kids.  I'm first in line when they release them next month!!!  (check out that boys eyelashes)

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