Friday, September 5, 2014

Philly Cheesesteak Pizzas

If you have a good pizza dough recipe bust that out....
No can dough either?  Use Naan bread (one of my fave's in the house)

I didn't have yeast and broke out my can thin crust dough for this one......
Hello....if you read my blog (or IG) you know I'm not a fan of sh'rooms.  So I only put these on half the pizza (for hubs)

Speaking of know how he hates everything.   HE HATED THIS RECIPE

Again like all the others....not sure why.  He said had no flavor.   Um? 
Peppers and Onion and Steak?  He's insane.  He also didn't like the Philly Sauce.  

                                            It wasn't bad.
Definitely could use MORE garlic too.  We like Garlic in our house and it was missing something.  You could even use an alfredo here of your own if you want. 

                            But OVER ALL I LOVED THIS
AND the kids have asked for me to make again!

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