Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello....Is It Me You're Looking For?

And now with that title of this post I have Lionel Richie's song stuck in my head.  How about you?


Oh you know......crazy busy without a moment to stop and type my thoughts.  Let along my thoughts that last longer than 30 seconds. 

That's why I love instagram so much.  I can upload my life and tag it with 4 sentences or less and boom
Documented a fun moment in my life with my family.

I've been keeping busy with my Essential Oils too.  (psst we even have a website The Oily Cupboard)

Our team is growing and up to 252 people on The Oily Cupboard!!! 

Kids are growing.....I blinked and here my kids are grown and one of them moving out of the house in a few months.  Sniff....It's ok...I've already told him we are turning his room into a Master Closet when he leaves.  I kid though...or am I?  We have 6 kids and need his room!  Child #4 will be taking his room over this summer so I'm pretty excited!  He can always bunk with #2 when he comes to visit (which won't happen since he's only moving 25 mins away)

Lots has happened at the start of the year.  Sadly my ex husband suddenly passed away in January with a heart aneurism.  Makes you realize that you need to live each day as if it your last and daily tell the ones you love how much they mean to you.  Life is too short
Probably the hardest moment ever for my older 3 children and all I can do is hold on tight to them.  I haven't experience the loss of a parent yet, and trying to say the words to comfort in the beginning has been difficult.  I realized though I was blessed with some AMAZING teens and this is bringing us even closer together (any close and we will have to share clothes hahaha)
I'm grateful he got to see our oldest child graduate from high school.  I'm grateful he got to spend 2 weeks at Christmas with them laughing and joking around.  I'm grateful for a lot of things....

Oldest child Gray is finishing up his Freshman year at UNT and LOVING IT.  I'm glad b/c I love having him so close to home for when he leaves the nest

#2 is still my favorite (wondering if any of my kids read this....first one to notice this statement gets $5)  Jake is my quiet soft soul and the favorite of the younger 3 kids.  He is loved by all ....

#3 My Mini Me is a blossoming flower.....and yes I made her dress up with me and Lillian to go see Cinderella a few weeks ago!  You only live once (and she loved it)

#4 Miss Lily has decided she wants to be called by her full name now ..... Lillian.  So I've informed her Kindergarten teacher.  (who btw needs a medal of awesomeness)  Lillian has thrived this year in Kindergarten.  We had planned on Homeschooling her, but she wanted to go to school this year.  She has done amazing.  It's been so fun watching that child learn to read and become this little Look At Me soul.   She uses up all her GOOD GIRL energy for Mrs Bennett b/c she has never once gotten a color change at school.  Which I find odd b/c that child never sits and I know has some naughty bones in her body.  She also cries really easily and Mrs Bennett must take pity on it...(or me hahaha)

Reid, well he's still our crazy boy.  He's still into gun and trucks and sticking to my side like glue.
He requested a Zombie cake (Thanks Plants vs Zombies game) and so I of course obliged ....what is it about boys and brains at age 4?

#6 MY SWEET BABY! Cole is a ball of awesomeness  (do I use that word too much?)  He decided to start potty training himself.  Which is fine by me, since out of all 6 kids he is the first to start himself and start at age 2
He is a sponge and soaks knowledge like water.  He knows his alphabet, starting to sound letters, colors, shapes, can count almost to 100, sings songs I have never taught him,  and speaks a little French.  Don't ask....I have no idea where this child has come from but I'm keeping him.

Me?  Still cooking and Oiling as fast as ever.  My 41st Birthday is in a few weeks and I am not sure how that happened.  It seems like yesterday I was 16 still living at home with my mom and dad! 

Enjoy the pictures below...and if you are ever on IG come find me under the name theoilycupboard.  IG is like a little tiny bloggy world over there!!!






Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Wondered where you where???? Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your ex and what a loss that must be for your children. Have a great day!

jen said...


I know you've been on Instagram, but I can't make myself take that plunge.

So sorry for your kids' loss. That must be so hard.

And the kids have gotten so big! Wow! I can't believe Lily has become Lillian overnight! She reminds me of Junie B. Jones. Not Junie. Junie B!

--K said...

Aaahhhh! I've missed you! (Creepy?) I am so glad you are back to blogging. I love reading about your sweet family! I follow you on Instagram but it just doesn't feel the same! :)

Michaela Anne said...

so happy you're back in the blog world!! Missed your stories :)

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