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HIT made achievements in multifunctional multiscale composit
Release Time:2016-08-18 Click: Second

Recently, Advanced Materials published an important achievement made by Harbin Institute Technology (HIT) Astronautics College, composite material and structure research institute Professor He Xiaodong team in the study on multifunctional multiscale composite materials.

The research result "carbon nano tube (CNT) sponge in situ chemical cutting preparation of graphene nanoribbon aerogel " is mainly carried out by PhD student Peng Qingyu under the common guidance of Professor He Xiaodong and Professor Li Yibin.

Graphene nanoribbon has the similar structure in comparison with that of graphene. It has a shape of strip that has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is an ideal reinforcement composite material. However, due to size effect, the graphene nanoribbons is very easily to be reunion in the form of composite matrix. Therefore, it can not effectively play the unique advantage that the graphene nanoribbons should have.

In view of the above problems, the research team made exclusive approach. First, they prepared the graphene nanoribbons into a three-dimensional porous structure, and then directly injected the resin matrix into the porous structure to generate the special graphene composite material. Therefore, it has effectively solved the dispersion problem of the graphene nanoribbons in the polymer matrix.

The graphene composite material thus prepared has excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength, modulus, and fracture toughness have been increased by as much as 2.5 times, 5.4 times and 10 times respectively compare with the base matrix. At the same time, this framework structure also has the unique mechanical properties electrical properties, and adsorption properties. It is reported, this new type of porous structure not only can enhance the integration of multiple functions as a composite reinforcement material, but also can be used to produce super capacitor electrode, so this kind material has broad application prospect in many fields.
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